About Song Fantasy

    Hi….and welcome to SongFantasy.com… I’m glad you came to this site. SongFantasy.com is a music/artist website.   SongFantasy is a vehicle to bring people closer together thru music…actually, SongFantasy was born out of an entity I created a while ago called, BlakButterflye Enterprises. BlakButterflye Enterprises (BBE) is a music production company that came into being in “Chi-Town” (chicago); BBE remains the parent company.

    The mission of BBE is the same as it has always been, and that mission, in it’s essence, has been transferred on over to SongFantasy…and is as follows:

 • LOVE:  of God, Life, Oneself and others.

 • REVELATION:  being open to and receiving positive knowledge.

• INSPIRATION:  actualizing ( putting into practice ) the Goodness, Creativity and Power of One’s life.

    And I should also say here that the time when Wings of a Vision was being created, was a time of not only artistic , but intense spiritual growth for me as well… I began to see the world in a completely different way.  And out of that experience came 3 building blocks that I would create not only Wings of Vision from, but that would be a guide for my life in certain ways; And that would also be a part of the gift I would give to others…





     So there it is… the core of what this is all about… ie; what’s really going on here.  And along those same lines, it’s my belief that the ultimate aim of an Artist or Artistic enterprise should be, to be as Creative and Accessible as possible, reaching for the highest levels that can be achieved. And that’s what I always have and always will strive for… So thanks again for being here, You are appreciated !

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Nathan Wallace